Why Should You Make A Claim Through A Solicitor And Not An Insurer

Why Should You Make A Claim Through A Solicitor And Not An Insurer

When one is involved in an accident one will be contacted by an insurer in order to settle the compensation claim. However, the Financial Services Authority(FSA) has found, that if you seek out some legal advice from a third party solicitor, it is likely that you will receive 2-3 times the compensation that you are offered by the insurer.

Insurers will try to quickly mop up and settle a case as quickly as possible to increase their profits. They are a business after all. This means that you will not be thoroughly medically examined or provided with the right amount of compensation for your expenses or loss of earnings after your injury. Some injuries only present themselves days or weeks after the initial accident so it is important that you don't settle straight away.

Your insurance company will often approach you just a few hours or days after an accident when you are most vulnerable and shaken up. Take a couple of weeks to clear your head and work out what you would like to do. This will also enable you to examine how bad your injuries were during the accident as some elements such as pain and stiffness won't reach their peak in the first few days. They may even try to make it seem like working through a solicitor will cost more and increase the length of your claim. This is not true.

Compensation System

The compensation system is complicated and the public generally knows very little about how it works, this means that they are likely to settle much lower than they should based upon their injuries and loss of earnings. Always get some free legal advice if you have been in an accident, before you accept an offer from an insurer.

It is also important that you don't deal with any claims management companies, you should instead make direct contact with a solicitor. Dealing through a claims management company will often decrease the amount of compensation you receive should your claim be successful. There are also a lot of disreputable claims management companies working today ,and speaking to them can often result in your personal data being sold or the chance that you could be involved in a scam which can cause you and others great financial and personal loss as we regularly hear at claimsnational


So remember, by using a solicitor to deal with an insurer on your behalf you will increase the compensation you receive, speed up the claims process and also ensure that all matters are being dealt with in your best interests. Insurance companies are businesses after all and even though they are friendly they are not acting in your favour. They are a business who's main aim is to make money.