Law School Requirements

Law School Requirements

After your long reflection of orientation and finally you decided you want to enroll in school . you have identified two or three licensures that attract you, but how do I register? What are the steps to take? Even if there is no selection: will you be accepted? What does it cost?

Law schools differs from one state to another concerning the requirements but the general law school requirements don't change as every law school requires the outlined below:

Undergraduate degree

Law schools usually don't demand any specific undergraduate degree but it requires having a bachelor's degree earned from an accredited university. You must add an official undergraduate transcript to your list as proof of your degree.

The Law School Admission Test Score

Law schools require the law school admission test score ranges that vary; but there is no doubt that you must pass this test in order to be accepted in the law school you have chosen. You must check the law school admission test administration that recommends the schools to apply for it.

Personal Statement

You must submit a personal statement with your application because the law schools require it, this option is advantageous for you as an applicant because you have the opportunity to speak to the admissions committee about your qualifications and your personal skills that may help you convince them to accept you as a candidate.


Some schools don't require any recommendation but others require at least one, the recommendation can also help if you can get a good one.


Essays like diversity statements are not demanded most of the time, but it's recommended to submit them as you should keep in your mind that diversity is not about race or ethnicity, as an example you can write a diversity statement if you are the first person in the family who will apply for law school or graduate school.