Getting Into Marketing School

Getting Into Marketing School

It is never too early to start thinking about which school you would like to attend to earn your marketing degree. In fact, the earlier you start thinking about it, the better your chances of being accepted. The majority of marketing schools look at two things when considering an applicant: standardized test scores and GPA.

Standardized test scores are one of the main criteria a school considers. If an applicant is applying to earn an undergraduate degree, SAT and/or ACT scores are considered. A perfect SAT score is 2,400. A perfect ACT score is 36. Although no marketing school on the planet requires a perfect score on a standardized test, you should strive to earn as high a score as possible. A college typically requires SAT or ACT scores, not both. They are two completely different tests. The SAT is geared more toward problem solving and critical thinking. The ACT is more content oriented. You are able to take both tests multiple times throughout the year if you want to get your scores higher.

Your parents have probably told you many times about the importance of getting good grades in school. If you are thinking of applying to a marketing school, then you need to get busy and start studying! Colleges weigh your GPA (grade point average) heavily. The majority of schools use the 4.0 scale. Many Ivy League colleges require a very high GPA average. State colleges may only require a certain GPA, but you should work hard to exceed it. Competition can be stiff. The better your GPA, the better your chances of getting into your dream school.

The courses you take in high school also count. Don't think you can take a lot of 'easy' classes to bump up your GPA. Many colleges only look at your GPA in core courses, like math, English, science, and history. Letters of recommendation from teachers in your core courses also look good on your application.

Make a list of the marketing schools to which you would like to apply. Visit their Web sites and look at the application process. Many schools allow you to apply the summer before you start your senior year. Some even let you apply in your junior year. The earlier you get your application in, the stronger your chances of being considered.