Finding a Job in Marketing

Finding a Job in Marketing

You have earned your marketing degree and are ready to go out into the workforce. Companies will just be begging you to work for them, right? You have just learned the latest and greatest marketing concepts. Who wouldn't want to hire you? Think again. Finding a job is hard work.

During your senior year in college, many schools will host job fairs. Companies of all sizes will come to the fair to recruit potential employees. They will set up booths highlighting the benefits of working for their company, have employees available to answer your questions, and accept resumes. If you attend these fairs, make sure to behave like a professional. College is a laid- back atmosphere. But, companies are not interested in hiring someone dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Come to the fair properly groomed and professionally dressed. Bring plenty of resumes to distribute to companies.

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The Internet has made finding a job easier. There are hundreds of job boards you can take a look at. Search a variety of job titles, pick out companies you may want to work for, and apply. Many of these job boards will allow you to post your resume on their site. Companies look at posted resumes and may contact you directly about a position. You can post your resume confidentially on these sites.

Companies maintain their own Web sites with sections dedicated to jobs. Make a list of companies you may want to work for. Then search their Web sites for jobs and apply. Many of these sites will list information on benefits, career paths, and corporate culture.

Think about the connections you have made over the years. Talk with your student advisor or marketing professor. They may know of companies hiring or be able to give you company contact information. You may have joined professional marketing associations in school. Talk with them about possible job opportunities.

Finding the right job for you is the goal of your job search, not just finding a job. Hopefully, you will be working at a company for a long period of time. Make sure to comprehensively research the companies for which you might work. Examine their corporate culture and make sure you are comfortable with it. Understand the hours you are expected to work (excessive overtime, weekends, holidays) and make sure they fit your lifestyle. The interview process will give you a glimpse of the managers with whom you may work with. Match your working style and personality with theirs.

If you aren't comfortable with the company or manager, do not feel bad if you don't accept a job offer. There will be plenty more opportunities available. You want to find a job that you will enjoy and be able to excel in.