Choosing a Marketing College

Choosing a Marketing College

Choosing a marketing school can be a difficult decision. Today, it seems that every college, public or private, offers a marketing degree. So, how do you decide which school offers the best program for your needs?

Marketing is a broad field, and marketing colleges are all different. When you decide that you are going to pursue a marketing major, try to imagine what marketing job you would like to pursue. Do you want to specialize in market research, market management, or sales? Answering those questions can help narrow your search. Most schools offer general marketing programs, but there are other schools that offer very specific marketing programs.

Try to imagine your career 10 or 15 years from now. Do you imagine yourself as the top ad manager at a large, high-powered ad agency? Are you climbing the corporate ladder, working your way from account representative to brand manager? Or are you more analytical, working in the research department? Your possible career path can affect the marketing school you choose to attend.

One thing you should always do when choosing a marketing school is to verify a school's accreditation. Accreditation means that the school's marketing program has been independently reviewed. An accreditation seal ensures that the program is of high quality, the courses are relevant, and the degrees awarded are legitimate. Attending an accredited marketing school is very important to potential employers.

Give some thought as to whether or not you want to pursue a master's degree after you earn your marketing diploma. Some people choose to earn a master's degree immediately after they finish their undergraduate degree. This can also affect your choice of schools.

Many students choose to pursue a major and minor degree. Popular minor degrees for marketing students include psychology and communication. In marketing research, understanding a person's psychological motivations can be very powerful in determining what motivates a buying decision. Learning how to effectively communicate is imperative in crafting strong promotional messages. Think about whether you want to pursue a minor degree. Look at schools that offer both strong major and minor degrees.

Remember, picking the right marketing school is important, but it will not make or break your career. The most important research you need to do is to check the school's accreditation. After that, give some thought to what you want to do and where you want to go in your career. Choose the marketing school that is the best fit for you. (And don't discount the online degree option.)